What Are The Uses Of Isolation Transformers?

After the Industrial Revolution, one piece of machinery emerged as pivotal in modern electrical engineering: the isolation transformer. Isolation transformers are now everywhere; in fact, you can easily find an isolation transformer manufacturer in India, even in your city. This quiet device has seriously transformed our society. However, it is also true that not many are aware of its purpose. This results in these devices not getting the credit they deserve. Let’s rectify this, shall we?

But First, What Precisely Are These Devices

As it is pretty clear by their name, they are a type of servo voltage transformer. It is used primarily to transfer electrical power between two circuits. The objective is to avoid any direct electrical connection. This end result is better safety and even lessening noise.

How Does Isolation Transformers Work

They are quite different from standard transformers. It is something that is true for both their design and functioning. Unlike standard transformers, the primary purpose of these is for safety & lowering the noise. And frankly, it does that job wonderfully.

These devices have separate windings. The input part has one winding, and the output part has one as well. They are completely separate, and it is by design. The separation here is actually quite crucial to create a buffer between both ends. This results in safety from electrical shocks and even reduces noise during transmission.

The unique design of the isolation transformer makes it highly useful in key electrical applications. That is precisely where we will turn our focus.

Uses Of Isolation Transformer

Now, if you are asking what the uses of isolation transformers are, then don’t worry, as we are going to delve into just that. Here, we will explain some of the most useful ways isolation transformers are used in the current market.

1. With Medical Equipment

While there are many exceptional uses of isolation transformers we can at the best, their application in the medical sector is vital. Medical equipment, and you can look at any, like MRI to patient monitoring systems, etc., all utilize them. After all, every medical equipment is highly sensitive and needs a clean and uninterrupted power supply.

This transformer also reduces any kind of noise, which is also useful.

2. Reducing Noise In AV

This post has already emphasized the noise-reduction features of these devices. So, it sure is sensible for them to be utilized in the production industry. And they surely are being in such a manner.

It is apparent that sound and image quality in the audio & video production field requires precision. There can be no compromise with quality. No competent producer can afford that. These unique transformers help with that by minimizing EMI during the process.

3. Their Use In Other Industries

These devices are highly useful in all sorts of industries. They are considered integral for protecting both the machinery and the personnel operating them, and rightly so. Here are some of their use:

  • Safeguarding heavy machinery from noises and power surges
  • In control systems for precise operations
  • Even in new fields such as automated manufacturing, these devices ensure a clean and uninterrupted power supply.
  • They protect sensitive computing devices in data centers & server rooms, and more.


These transformers have made sure that we are able to use our electrical devices in a safe manner. And this post, with a focus on their use, proves just that. To get your hands on reliable and affordable isolation transformers and servo stabilizer, connect with Shakti Electronics.

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