Vastu Tips for Placing Marble God Statues in Homes

Marble Ganesh statues are thought to be highly hopeful in Hinduism. The belief is believed that putting the marble Ganesh statue in the home can bring prosperity and luck. But it is crucial to observe Vastu rules when putting this marble Ganesh statue in your home. Let’s look at the Vastu rules of placing Ganesh marble statues manufacturer in your home.

Installation of Marble Ganesh Statue

The position on the marble of the Ganpati Bappa Murti is crucial according to Vastu. The statue should be placed in the direction of the northeast will bring prosperity, peace, and satisfaction to your home. If the direction of the northeast is not possible, the sculpture can place in either the east or west order.

Beware of putting the Ganesh Marble Statue in the South Direction

It is crucial to not place your marble Ganesh statue in the direction of south the home. The statue placed in the direction of the south can cause negative energy to the home and could cause issues in the household. If it is the case that you are incapable of being able to put it in the east, northeast, or west directions, it is recommended not to place the statue in any other direction.

The height of the Marble Ganesh Statue

The height of the granite Ganesh statue is important when putting it in the home. The statue’s size must not exceed that of the god of the principal ceremony room. When the statue’s size is greater than that of the god of the main room for pooja, a room the statue can cause negative energy to the home.

Face Marble Ganesh Idol

The direction of the Ganesh statue is also important. Ganesh’s statue is equally important. The statue should face the inside of the house. The statue should not be pointing toward the outside of the house or the main entrance to the home. Should the figure is looking towards the outside of the home or the main entrance to the home, then it can cause negative energy to the home.

Placement in the Ganesh Marble Statue

The positioning of which the marble Ganesh statue is important. It must be set on a table or pedestal table. The statue should be set in a manner such that it is at least 1 inch off the wall.

Colored Ganesh Marble Idol

Many prefer painted Ganesh statues for their home decoration. But, according to Vastu, the statue shouldn’t be painted using blue or black shades. There is a belief that is believed that the black and blue colors can attract positive energy and are best avoided. It is advised to use experts for marble murti painting services.

Pooja from the Marble Ganesh Statue

It is vital to regularly perform worship of the Marble Ganesh idol. The pooja must be conducted each day and the statue needs to be maintained regularly. The room for pooja room must be kept neat and neat. The positive energies of the statue are kept in check.

Pick the Right Marble Moorti Manufacturer

The first and most important thing to bear in mind when buying the marble Ganesh statue is to select the correct Marble Murti Manufacturer from India. It is essential to purchase an idol from a well-known and reliable company to be sure it is of high quality and constructed from pure marble. A top-quality Ganesh marble idol won’t just improve the appearance of your home, but it also brings positivity and luck.


If you follow these Vastu guidelines and guidelines, you can make sure the Ganesh statue you place in your home is a blessing to the owner and your family members blessings and prosperity. It is recommended to purchase a Ganesha stone idol an established Marble God Statues Manufacturer in India with a solid reputation in the marketplace. A reputable manufacturer will guarantee you that your statue is constructed from pure marble and is high quality. We make all types of marble deities like the Maa Durga Statue, Shiva Statue, Radha Krishna Marble Statue, and Ram Darbar Marble Moorti. They can be able to provide you with all the details about Vastu guidelines that must be adhered to when placing the statue in your home. It is essential to make sure that your sculpture is properly packaged and is not damaged during transport. A marble Ganesh idol purchased from Riddhi Siddhi Marble Moorti Art Emporium will add positive energy to your home.

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