What Can You Sue for in a Personal Injury Case?

Road accidents are a common phenomenon nowadays. Every day, several accidents, either by cars or motor vehicles, happen all over the world. Each accident causes severe damages and injuries to the victims. They face great physical and financial damages. Personal injury cases are there for them by which they can get back at least some compensation for their losses. But what you actually can sue for in a personal injury case is a matter of question for most people. Here we will discuss it in detail.

What Is Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal procedure by which you can claim compensation for your losses in a car or other vehicle accident from the guilty party. This is not a very easy case to be solved just by presenting your claims to the court. There needs to submit all the proofs and evidence relevant to your claims, and the court will also judge by its own people what actually happened in the accident. Lawyers are badly needed in these personal injury cases to handle all things smoothly. In every state, separate sections are there for personal injury lawyers in the court. For example, for the Canadian citizens, mostly the citizens of Alberta, personal injury lawyer Edmonton is always there to help.

What Can You Sue for in a Personal Injury Case?

When you face any accident, you face several injuries and damages. If you make a personal injury case with the help of your car insurance company, you can sue compensation for all your damages. Here goes a detailed discussion on what you can sue for in a personal injury case.

Medical Bills

In a personal injury case, medical bills or expenses are the most common matter you can sue for. In a car accident or any type of vehicle collision, if you get injured physically, you possess the right to sue for your medical bills against the faulty party. Medical expenses involve all kinds of costs regarding your physical stability like doctor’s fees, therapy bills, medicine costs, hospital bills, even the transportation cost to go to the doctor’s chamber as well.

Lost Income

When you are injured in an accident, you naturally cannot join your work until you become recovered fully. In that case, you are losing your wages or incomes for a long time as you are unable to join the work. It is a great loss for you, of course. So, you can sue for or claim your lost income through a personal injury case. As the case includes all the personal losses you face, it is also your personal loss that you were unable to support yourself and your family by your income those days.

Pain and Suffering Cost

Pain and suffering cost is another thing you can sue for in a personal injury case. Does it sound weird? You might be thinking that how it is possible to compensate someone for the pain and suffering he or she endures. But yes, it is possible. Since you are going through these pains and sufferings only because of the accident, you must claim compensation for them. In order to calculate the amount, you better make a diary where you can write all your pains and sufferings whenever and how much you feel them. Some insurance companies offer a multiplier system where they multiply your total loss several times. Mostly, the number exists between 1.5 to 5.

Vehicle Repairing

In an accident, not only do you suffer from physical and mental injuries, but your vehicle also faces damages. And when your own vehicle or property gets damaged by someone else, you must possess the right to claim for the reparation. In a personal injury case, you can sue for the reparation that you need to repair your vehicle damages. The guilty party is bound to give you that reparation.

Mental Stress

Emotional or mental stress is not at all a matter to be ignored. You might face or endure emotional imbalance just because of the accident, such as insomnia, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). You can claim compensation for all the emotional distress you endure. In your personal injury case, you can mention these issues.

Punitive Loss

Punitive loss does not include any money or amount for any damages or injuries. Rather it involves the desire to punish the faulty driver for whose carelessness the accident has happened. All the pains, sufferings, damages, and injuries you had to go through are just because of his negligence and carelessness. So, it must be punished. This is called punitive loss. In your personal injury case, you can claim for your punitive loss, which the court will decide after reviewing all the necessary issues regarding the accident.

Funeral Cost

Funeral cost is also something that you can sue for in your personal injury case after the accident. The funeral cost is normally claimed by your family members when you get died from that accident. After your death, your family can claim your funeral cost. And the other party is obliged to pay. Your family might claim an amount of compensation for their entire loss from the faulty driver as well.


Finally, you have learned the details about what you can sue for in a personal injury case after you face a road accident. Road accidents always result in some distress and damages, nothing good. Although you can get handsome compensation for all your loss, you never get back the time and sufferings you went through. So, everyone should be very careful while driving on the roads. Life is always invaluable.   

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