What is the Future of Laptops?

In the past one and a half decade technology change the whole pattern of life. Evolution of the laptops is not a hidden story of secret world. Devices like MacBook air and HP Notebook were thrilling to have in backpack, and now they are just normal laptops to carry for every purpose of work. Generations changed the way of laptops with upgrades and still they are on the go.

If you ask a person from the eighty of the 20th century about laptops. He or she would definitely say there was nothing existed popularly as it is in today’s era. However computer was a dream once someone could claim to be with wishes to have. The concept of laptop started from the late 90’s of the previous century and it grown up to the peak.

Once there was a time when things were differently perceived. But, today look around you, you would see a bunch of different devices with different brands tags, models, and specs. Same is the story of laptops with great historical footprints and a brightest future ahead if the planet and human lives.

How the future of laptops could evolve?

A real vision could answer the question as the latest one with 12 generation is on the market with different variants. Though pretty simple to say laptops are in variety of ranges, models, prices, and brands with claims to be the best. But still you do research to get the great choice. Today performance with some battery support could be the easy deal for everyone but the coming decade would be totally changed.

Battery life

First and the most important factor targeted by the technology is the power support. In my vision I am looking at laptops that would be powered by solar and they would store enough energy to get you all night movies, gaming, entertainment, or working hours with supreme performance. It is going to happen, this article would witness the future of laptops. You can check out more on techprogeek in order to know more about the laptops.

Dual Screen

Beyond the today available design with keyboard and trackpad would evolve to the ultra-performance beast with dual screens or may be third extended screen as an options to get you the spacious work flow or gaming playback. Every laptop would have a dual screen on the top of the keyboard with touch response technology.

Touch Screen

The concept is already introduced in the modern day laptops. But, how I look at it, is the fact that most of you would claim my words right on the keyboard and trackpad removal from the laptop version or may be transform to digital panel to get you the same functions with ultra-advanced options.


Cellular connectivity is what we are expecting the most to be added to the laptops. It is being experienced in today’s business centered laptops but not in general. However we are foreseeing the laptops pre-loaded with 5G cellular technology like our phones, iPads, and tablets. The experience would be a lot different than the today’s 4G cellular technology. We are expecting even 6-7 G by the next two decades.

AR Integration

Popularity of AR devices is all around and they are also socially respected. Virtual stuff needs hardware to interact with and this is the reality that don’t think about the disappearance of laptops. As they would be in upgraded form with AR Integration to get the stuff virtually.

AR headsets with combination of AR glasses and virtual second display. The world would switch to AR mode with connection to the laptops and get you all the information including your chats, notifications, and newsfeed virtually on the display.

AR would perform all the animated and 3D work and you would set relax with the programmed laptop having an understanding of what you want from it. Also, I am foreseeing the laptops hearing your voice and writing your messages, making notes, documenting or covering a party etc. Who know what the future of laptops could bring in evolved form.

Restorable Laptops

I guess this would be everyone’s wish to repair, or refurbish, or restore your laptop. Well, I am expecting laptop in the future with advantages of repairable way in least options and easy fix schedule. Also, with upgradable affordable options, or restorable in way where you would have it better than ever. Whereas, in the best alternative for laptops are going to be the tablets as shown on tabletsaddict.

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