What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

Nails are the harder part of the human body after the enamel and it is also very important for ladies who wants their nails to be long and strong so that they can perform several decorating material on them which can probably add up to their beauty. However, do you know both the men and woman nails reveals about their health? Here, we have a very knowledgeable article describing the types and causes about different nails and what they tell about your health. nails reveals about their health? Here, we have a very knowledgeable article describing the types and causes about different nails and what they tell about your health.

What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

Cracked and Split Nails

cracked and thick nails reveals health problems

 It often happens due to the reason that the nails become crack and splits at its end. This may cause when your body faces the hydrochloric acid deficiency, but there may be many other indications to this. The best thing that can tell you about how fit you are is your hair and nails. The strong shiny pink nails is a symptom of a healthy human being.

But at times when the nails become brittle and break and spilled, it is a signal for you to take care of your health. Diseases like anemia, Menopause or hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, impaired kidney function or Liver Disease or Dietary Deficiencies like lack of Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, and fat may slow down the nail growth and makes it weak and brittle.

Sometimes people are very anxiety or keep in stress then also such type of problems may survive. In some people, it may happen that after the nails split it has the combination of yellow hue which is likely due to the fungal infections.

Pitted Nails

pitted nails

When there are depressions and small cracks made in your nails then it is categorized under this shape known as pitted or grooving nails. Pitted nails are often a sign of Psoriasis when an individual has this disease he develops a cluster cell basically along the nail bed. The nails are actually grooving and the surface is not smooth. According to the doctors, it is said that the depression and the type of depression in such type of nails also vary in different people depending upon the cause.

There are several diseases that are compared to this type of problems like the Reiter’s disease, lichen planus, vitiligo, alopecia areata, hemodialysis, eczematous dermatitis and chronic renal failure.

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Yellow Nails

yellowing of nails due to health problems

The yellow nail is an alarm for one to quickly go to the doctor and have a checkup because yellow nails are often associated with the health problems. A healthy person is always supposed to have white nails which look shiny too. Yellowing of nails might be a sign of diseases like lymphedema or respiratory conditions; however, there are many more diseases accept these which is clearly signaled by the yellow nail.

However, we wish that you stay fit and fine and do not suffer from all these terrible diseases, but whenever you notice that you nails are getting yellowish each day then it is a warning for you to get checked up soon. Although the common cause of this type of nails is fungal infection which can be an indication of diabetes as diabetic people tends to suffer from toenail fungal infections where the nails become brittle and get a yellow tinge and it is also said that if the infection is not cured at time the nail bed may react and become thick.

Do you know that you might not be sick often when you get the yellowish tinge in your nails, but for assuring that the tinge is temporary you can use the lemon juice or the denture cleaner and see to it that the stains are removed if not then there can be a certain health disorder? Most of the time the age or food and even smoking or drinking may give this color texture. Although these are the conditional causes, in other words, you can suffer from these symptoms due to minor reasons which are actually not from any disease, but diseases like bronchiectasis, lung infections like tuberculosis, jaundice, liver conditions, thyroid problem or psoriasis may result in yellow nails.

Excessively Thick Nails

thick toenails

Most of the time there is nothing to worry if a person is having thick nails, just because it is good that the nails are naturally strong and you can perform a plenty of nail art and nail make-up on it. There is nothing like these types of nails are highly revealing any deficiency or diseases, moreover, you can yourself understand whether your nails are perfect or not. In case, you have this type of nail quality and it is permanent in nature then good, but if you had certainly started developing excessively thick nails from some specific day then make sure to clear whether if you have some health defect.

Basically, the thick and separated nails indicate thyroid or it can be some sort of fungal infection too, but accept this particular one there couldn’t be any major cause. However, there is nothing to worry about this when you are aged, as older people nails often discolor and becomes crumbly. Sometimes wearing very tight shoes makes the feet nails hard. Still if you doubt that you can be a patient then you can consult the best doctors.

Although there is nothing much to worry about such types of circumstances, but people complain that thick nails are often difficult to cut as well as pains a lot. So, before cutting or trimming you nails mind that you soak them in water for few minutes and when it gets soft give them the shape and size you like.

Clubbing of the Nails

clubbing of nails

Several changes in a human body depend upon the types of blood one contains, if the blood formation and circulation are  proper, you have no health disorder and you are declared to be a fit and healthy human being. However, sometimes in a few person, the oxygen supply in blood is just lower than usual because the heart and lungs fail to supply the required quantity of oxygen to the blood. This situation is often termed as COPD (chronic obstruction pulmonary disease). In such situation, a person might develop clubbed nails like they would be having the soft tissue around the nails where the tips of the finger become enlarged and the nails turn thicker and shinier. The nail shapes itself like a bulb and the flesh below the cuticle gets spongy. These symptoms can be seen both in the hand fingers nails as well as the toenails.

Nails clubbing is often associated with the inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases, and AIDS. Other possible causes include celiac disease, dysentery, Graves’s disease or an overactive thyroid gland. This type of nails character can also describe the lung cancer according to researchers and studies.

So, it can be advised that if you see your nails getting clubbed usually from a long course of time, then it is a big alarm for you to start being conscious about your health and make sure that you quickly consult the doctor.

Spoon Nails

spooned nails

Spoon-shaped nails are also called koilonychia which can be simply categorized by nails getting curled up in its edges and at the same time whites and delicate. Suffering from these types of nail structure can be determined by numerous of causes as anemia, hemochromatosis, hypothyroidism malnutrition, nail trauma Reynaud’s disease, and systemic lupus erythematosus.

There could be probably many other causes like you may be iron deficient or suffering from malnutrition. Even the exposure to a lot of chemicals and petroleum solvents may also turn your nail spoon-shaped. Some of the children also suffer from such type of symptoms just because of worms in stomach. The permanent journal had reported in 2012 that spoon-shaped nails are the sign of gastrointestinal blood loss, gastrointestinal malignancy or celiac disease.

Although the name spoon shaped nails actually implies the curved shaped of a scooping spoon but in this several cases the flatting of nails and getting a concave shape is also called spoon-shaped. If such type of nails starts developing in any person he/she should soon consult a doctor.

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Terry’s Nails

Terrys nails reveals health problems

The white nails with a brownish pink pigmentary band at the distal position of the nail are called the Terry’s nail. The first person to describe such type of nails was Richard Terry who had found this abnormality in patients of cirrhosis. However, old people also have such nails, but there is always a need to consult a doctor if any such changes are found in you and your nails start turning terry because there are many other causes to this too.

It can also be due to lack of proper nourishment, chemotherapy, and an overactive thyroid. Terry’s nails have also been observed in HIV patients. Mostly people who are suffering from liver problems develop such types of nails. You may also be the patient of chronic congestive heart failure and diabetes mellitus.

Pale and Dull Nails

pale and dull finger nails

Pale and white nails can be the very accurate indicator of the anemia that means lack of blood in the body and also in some cases it may be related to the liver problem. The liver problem often results in the lack of blood in one’s body and can be connected to diseases like anemia, but sometimes your liver may work properly but the blood formation is less and, therefore, anemia like diseases occur.

What actually happens is, due to the low red blood cell in the body there is often inadequate oxygen in the blood, the result of which skin and other tissues become pale. This may happen due to the malnutrition in the body which can be fulfilled by increasing the healthy food supplements in your diet.

Although sometimes, there may be other possibilities too like malnutrition, hepatitis, congestive heart failure and liver or kidney disease which can make your nails dull and pale. Don’t worry if you notice such problem after a few beauty application, but it is always recommended to consult the doctor if you are terribly in this situation and find out the exact cause.

Horizontal Depressions

nail having horrizontal depressions or beau’s line

Horizontal depression or the beau’s line in the nail bed can occur at the times of severe illness or disease because in such circumstances probably the nails growth is interrupted. Although this type of symptom may arise in you after you have recovered from illness, but if you are feeling weak from inside and find the Beau’s line in your nail surface then there can be one of a patient of these causes like pneumonia, heart attack, blood deficiency, mumps, drug reaction, chemotherapy, circulatory diseases, and zinc deficiency.

Further, there can be many other reasons for developing horizontal depression in your nails like if you visit a place with extremely cold temperature then you are likely to get such lines on the nail bed. In certain people, when diabetes becomes uncontrollable then the horizontal lines are developed probably giving you a signal to quickly go for the treatment.

I hope, you are now aware of various symptoms about what nails reveals about your health and can advise your family and friend to consult the doctor if they face any of the above changes.

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