Which is the Best App to Learn English in Saudi Arabia

Learning the English language helps you in any sense but the most important factor is that you develop self-confidence when speaking this wonderful language before anyone. The way this international language transforms your communication skills can be realized when you get a good grip over it. Today, the Google and Apple store is full of mobile apps that help you learn English conveniently and flexibly.But every single app is not good and efficient enough to deliver what you expect out of them. Some are good to learn English vocabulary while others in developing good writing skills but there are few apps which deliver all-round learning. English is a complex language with a vast set of rules and exceptions to remember if you want to excel in it. Our team of experts has tried and tested various language learning apps in Saudi Arabiaon different parameters and shortlisted the best app among them to provide an unmatched learning option before you.

HeyCleo App

This is a phenomenal AI-based English learning app that can be downloaded free and has multiple innovative features to offer maximum comfort in learning English. Unlike any other language learning app, HeyCleo offers complete freedom to choose desired topics in English and learn them in a detailed way with the help of its virtual teacher concept. The private English teaching app is designed and developed diligently keeping in mind the modern-day learning requirements. The developers have left no stone unturned in providing absolute comfort in learning English through some most innovative features and functionalities. Let’s get into the details now so that you can get a brief idea about the app and how it can prove to be the best learning resource for you.

Learn Thousands of New Words

HeyCleo has an in-built vocabulary set including more than ten thousand new words in it. You just have to finish a simple sign-up process and select a virtual teacher. Pick as many words you want to learn and the app allows you to speak those words before your virtual teacher. The excellent speech recognition of this app catches your pronunciation error and the artificial intelligence English tutor repeats that word right after you let you know the correct pronunciation for that word. The virtual teacher also makes some meaningful sentences with that word to help you know the proper usage. As it is a mobile app, so you always keep it with yourself and can learn new words wherever and whenever you want. Developing excellent vocabulary will allow you to create a long-lasting impression over others when you use those words in your verbal communication. It also develops confidence while speaking new and powerful words and make people your fan.

Learning Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and phrases are often used by most of the influencing personalities in the world. It adds a different flavor to your communication skills and makes it sound interesting than the conventional way. Learn English idioms and phrases that are most commonly used by people so that you can improve your verbal skills and also increase your perception level as you can clearly figure out what a person is trying to say through an idiom or a phrase. The virtual teacher will help you in every learning step and will provide proper explanations for each idiom on how to be used. Idioms do not have a literal meaning of words used in it rather it conveys a totally different aspect in context to the topic being discussed. Hence you can improvise your perception level along with your verbal and written skills by making efficient use of these idioms and phrases.

Nothing Imposed, Learn What You Want

Unlike other apps for teaching English,HeyCleo doesn’t have any prescribed set of teaching methodology or pattern. It simply doesn’t impose anything on its users and allows them complete freedom to learn what they want to. You can select a topic from within the app or can even upload your desired topic on it and the virtual teacher will prepare written lessons on it and that too in your preferred native language. This is where the role of artificial intelligence keeps a great importance in providing convenient and flexible learning solutions. Getting lessons in your native language allows you to understand the concept with great comfort and you grasp it easily. The app itself covers a wide range of topics that you can select to learn at your pace.

Get valuable Feedback

Artificial intelligence allows the virtual teacher to deeply analyze your past performance and suggest effective ways for improvement. The virtual teacher constantly interacts with you in English and monitors your performance at every stage. Depending on your performance, it delivers valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. The concept of developing an AI tutor app for learning English is to make this efficient enough to offer personalized learning. The app deeply understands your perception level and prepares lessons and programs based on it. This makes it much simpler for you to grasp concepts according to your caliber and progress in a systematic way. So for anyone thinking abouthow to learn English fast online, HeyCleo is the best learning resource that you will admire learning with.

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Artificial Intelligence

This technology has transformed the way professional people used to perform their tasks till now. The idea behind introducing AI technology in a language learning app is that it will allow the app to analyze and evaluate the performance of a learner and then develop a systematic teaching methodology that can best suit that particular learner. Even in-person learning also doesn’t offer such a sophisticated learning process. When you interact with your virtual teacher and perform different activities on this app, it deliberately starts accumulating that data to decide your perception level and offer customized teaching for the best results. HeyCleo has already set a benchmark for various other language learning apps. Proving its deftness and worth in all across the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the English teaching online app is getting much appreciation from its every user.

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