Why are People Buying Gmail Accounts [Expert Guide]

Gmail accounts are often accessible without any cost. All you need is an internet connection and your profile to open an account. But why are people buying Gmail accounts despite that?

If you wish to buy Gmail accounts, it might cost you a significant amount of money. However, as you pour money into something, you can expect better features and facilities.

There are numerous differences between a free Gmail account and a purchased Gmail account.

Know about the Free Version of the Gmail Platform

Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used online platforms globally. The platform synchronizes emails with the POP and IMAP protocols. As a result, it is tremendously safe as well.

Anyone can open a Gmail account with just a few personal information. However, you would need to set a unique username and strong password to access the account. The free account has several key features.

Firstly, you can utilize the account to open numerous other online accounts. You get a 15GB drive space with your account. Finally, you can receive and send all types of personal emails through the account.

However, the problem arises when you are clustered with official and promotional emails. In addition, you do not have enough space on your drive. So what can you do to solve this? First, you can buy a Gmail account.

2 Type of Gmail Account to Buy

Once you decide to purchase a verified email account in Gmail, you need to know your options. Unfortunately, there are not many in Gmail. Here are 2 buying options you get in Gmail.

Fresh Gmail Accounts

The newly created accounts are called fresh Gmail accounts. They are freshly produced and verified by phone numbers. After purchasing these accounts, you can change the usernames, passwords, and any other recovery details according to your need.

Old Gmail Accounts

Old Gmail accounts that are not in use anymore can be bought as well. This can be a good option when you are running more than one business at a time. These accounts can be safe and secured to use as well.

Why Are People Buying Gmail Accounts?

You get so many benefits already with a personal and free Gmail account. So the question can automatically arise- why would people need to buy Gmail accounts?

A business entity usually purchases a Gmail account. There could be several significant reasons.

To begin with, the legal policy of Gmail comes into action. You cannot open multiple Gmail accounts under the same domain. Therefore, you need to do every official activity with one account. Gmail allows you to open a business account that the company can regulate.

When you are running a business, you need to do so many things with your Gmail account! First, it would help if you communicated with every shareholder of the company. Second, you need to send promotional emails. Finally, on top of everything else, you need unlimited space to keep crucial files and contents. That is when you need a purchased account.

The purchased account will have numerous benefits. Most importantly, you can access so many services for your business that will enable you to sell through your Gmail account.

5 Key Benefits of Buying a Gmail Account

A verified and purchased Gmail account is a crucial thing for a business. However, even for personal use, there are numerous advantages to buying a Gmail account.

Get a Professional Email Address

If you open a business and use a personal Gmail account, that does not carry much weight. On top of that, you may be deprived of several features of a professional account. Buying a verified Gmail account allows you to use your business name as the domain. For instance, your “abcbusiness@gmail.com” account can become an “abc@business.com” account after your purchase.

Migrate to Business Account from Personal Account

You can get a G-suite account that will enable you to migrate to a business account from a personal account. Using a personal Gmail account for business purposes is never a smart idea. The G-suite of Gmail can ensure you keep your personal account and yet migrate to the business account after the purchase.

Purchase Email Accounts Under the Company Account

When you purchase a G-suite business account to your name, you can open an employee email account with your business name. The company will be the owner of every account under the domain. As a result, employees can enjoy every benefit of the G-suite, and everything remains under one umbrella.

Advanced Phishing and Malware Protection

Being a premium user of Gmail, you can enjoy several security services of the platform. This largely involves enjoying protection against phishing and malware activities. In addition, you can also take preventive measures against cyber-attacks.

Enjoy Increased Storage Facilities

A personal and free account has only 15GB storage with your email ID. When you are using Gmail for business purposes, you need more space. Premium packages can provide you with more space as you pay.


The answer to the question of why people are buying Gmail accounts is pretty straightforward. It is highly beneficial for an individual or a business. You gain numerous advantages from using a premium purchased account. However, it would help if you were careful about the money you spend and strategically choose your plan.

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