Why is Victony WiFi extender Firmware Update Needed & How Do It?

The Victony extender is a powerful & most brilliant networking device that is specially designed for the Wi-Fi router. It boosts the WiFi signals as well as network coverage with high-speed range. Additionally, with the help of this extender you can easily robust the Wi-Fi range of the router by using the WPS button. Moreover, the smart & high-power antennas are built-in on the range extender that removes the WiFi dead zone. The LAN ports are built-in on this extender, by which you are able to establish the cable. This LAN port is useful in this situation when your existing router does not support the WPS button. The wireless transmission range of this extender is superior. To maintain the range, you always upgrade the Victony WiFi extender firmware.

Besides, the firmware of the extender absolutely increased the Wi-Fi network range. This range extender widely complies with 2.4GHz or 5GHz dual bandwidth. Then, with this dual bandwidth, you will be able to access the Wi-Fi network in a long area. To robust the WiFi range of your router, you need to perform the victony wifi extender setup. After the extender’s setup, the range of the router completely amplifies it. 

Why is it necessary to upgrade the Victony WiFi extender Firmware?

With the Victony WiFi range extender, you are able to enjoy the wireless high-speed WiFi network in a long area. The range of the extender easily covers all the parts of your home. If you wish to take the wireless range in all areas of your home then you have to select the optimum position of the extender. You can easily & quickly estimate the perfect location of the extender with the help of the extender’s LED light. Additionally, the smart LED light is built-in on the top side of the extender. 

If you wish to enjoy the high-speed network connectivity around your home, then you should always update the firmware of the extender. To enjoy the high-speed & reliable Wi-Fi network, recent firmware is needed. Thus, for the high-speed range, the firmware of the victony is needed. 

Perform the Victony WiFi extender setup 

If you want to update the firmware of the extender, then for this your setup of the extender should be done on the router. If the setup of the extender does not perform with the router, then you will not be able to upgrade the Victony WIFi extender firmware. Then, before starting the firmware updating process of the extender, you ensure the range extender setup. 

To set up the Victony range extender with the existing through the WPS button firstly ensures the power of the extender. Firstly, you have to push up the power button of the Victont extender. After that, you have to push the WPS button of the Victony extender. Then, you have pushed the WPS button of your router. Now, it’s time, you have to check the status of the extender’s LED light. If the signal is green which means the setup is successful. 

How to upgrade the Victony WiFi extender Firmware? 

After setting up the Victony range extender, you will be able to upgrade the firmware of the extender. Firstly, you have to reach the login admin panel. To reach the login admin panel, you have to connect your PC or laptop to the high-speed network. With the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi password, you will be able to establish the network connection. Now, on the Wi-Fi network-enabled PC, you have to select Mozilla Firefox, Internet Browser, & any other browser. 

On the browser, you have to select, fill up ap.setup, hit the enter button. Now, you redirect the login admin panel of the Victony range extender. In this login admin panel, you have to log in with the help of the login default password & login username ID. 

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Now, you have to select the more tools option on the home screen of the extender. Under this option, you have to locate the firmware update section. Under this option, you are able to find the firmware version. If the recent version is available then update it with the help of the recent firmware file. If this file does not download then you should download it. On the firmware page, you will find the browser option. Just click this option, & locate the recent firmware file. After that, upload this recent firmware file in their section. In the end, you have to click the upgrade option. Now, the firmware update is work-in-progress, do not switch off the extender. 

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