Why ‘Not Getting Enough Sleep’ Can Lower IELTS Results

It is the belief of the many students to study all night is the topper’s benchmark to get good marks in the exam. Whether you are going to give the IELTS test or not, there is a deep connection of sleep before an exam with your test. We disclose to you how through this entire blog post. A sound sleep is a dispensable part to achieve 100 percent in the exam. As per the study revealed by scientists 8 hours of sleep is a must to give excellent performance in the examination test. 

To get 7+ or 8+ band scores in the IELTS test is imperative to study or work in top countries like the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia. Nobody wants to compromise with their scores due to minor mistakes of not getting good sleep. Let’s read Why ‘Not Getting Enough Sleep’ Can Lower IELTS Results and how to tackle the problem. If you are searching for some other query related to the IELTS, you can check the Best IELTS Classes in Jalandhar on the internet.

Why Must Sleep be Necessary Before Exam Day?

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A sound sleep is required to form a memory in the brain. There are two processes of building memory. The prime step is the ‘acquisition’ whereas the other step is 9*consolidation. In the acquisition process, the brain captures and stores what a student has recently read into the short-term memory area. When a body and mind both went into deep relaxing sleep, short-term memories moved into the consolidation process. It is turned into long-term memories which a student recalled at the time of the exam. 

As a result, when students skip the night sleep these long-term memories will not be created. Hence, if you have prepared well for the IELTS test then allow your body to create long-term memories to give the best performance in the exam so that you can easily recall whatever you have studied before the test day. 

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Now, most of the students have a problem getting good sleep. Your sleep should be free from anxiety. It must be peaceful. Thus, we would like to suggest to you some tips which help you to get a strife-free good night sleep: 

Tips to Get a Sound sleep before the IELTS TEST 

Schedule your sleeping time 

You have understood that sleep is the essential part to achieve a desired score in the IELTS. Therefore, you need to manage your time to get an 8-hour sleep. First schedule your sleeping time. Check the time when you want to get up in the morning and fix your sleep time accordingly. Add extra half an hour of setting the alarm clock, brushing teeth, finding slippers, etc. 

Avoid caffeine 

Many of you have a habit of taking caffeine during the preparations. We suggest you limit the consumption. If you are not habitual then completely avoid it. One more thing is the ingredients of coffee also found in things like fizzy drinks, chocolates or tea, etc. Make sure to not have such types of foods.

Peaceful bedroom space

Last-minute night revision, checking mobile phones, chatting with friends, or asking your classmates how much they have prepared for the test may create a big issue in getting good sleep. Your brain and bedroom must be ready to get a relaxing sleep. So, never involved in such activities. Keep your room clean and remove all the distractions from your surroundings. Talk less, eat normal, and remain positive.

Limit your exposure to a digital screen 

It is advisable to limit your exposure to digital screens. Turn off the LED and do not use the mobile phone. The blue-spectrum light of the devices can interfere with sleep hormone production. Whatever content you will see in the TV shows or mobile videos can be the result of producing distracting thoughts. It may keep you disturbed throughout the night. 

Additionally, we guide you to refer to the Best IELTS classes in Jalandhar before the preparations for IELTS. Ask your queries about the course, syllabus, expectation of the examiner, and the method of the exam so that the right guidance will help you to achieve the desired band scores. 

Practice affirmation 

If you are having issues of having a peaceful sleep then affirmation can help you in the process. Affirmations are the positive set of words that you have to repeat again and again. It works wonders. There is some good sleeping affirmation that you can put into practice to get a restful sleep: 

  1. I am releasing all my negativity.
  2. I am feeling light and peaceful.
  3. My body is relaxed.
  4. My brain and body are ready to go into a deep sleep. 
  5. I prepared the best today. I am confident. I am relaxed. 

Apart from the topic, we would love to encourage you to kindly ask your doubts from the trainers of the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana before sitting on the test. Because there are many common things students are still unaware of related to the IELTS test. If it will not be cleared then you may end up getting fewer band scores on the test. 

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the only secret mantra to achieve an 8+ band score is preparation, practice, and carrying a positive attitude. Practice every section from writing, reading, listening, and speaking in an equal manner. 

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