Why You Need a Dedicated Server in Brazil and How to Set Up

Dedicated Server Brazil

With the advancement of technology and the high-speed network requirements for online business, it is now not good to rely on public network servers due to many reasons. The security of personal accounting details, the high network traffic handling capacity and the reliability and consistency of the desired network speed cannot be trusted in the case of public shared networks. There is a very high possibility of cyber attacks on such shared servers.

For Maintaining the consistency of your online services, it is better to opt for a Best Dedicated Server in Brazil. A Bare Metal Dedicated Hosting in Brazil is the network servers that offer complete administrative authority to the user and independent control over the server. Unlike public servers that offer limited network bandwidth, dedicated servers provider you the top speed and complete bandwidth to manage the overall control of pace in your hand. The unshared servers, like dedicated servers, are much safer and secure to operate. 

The Best Dedicated Server Brazil is the right way to make a large-scale profit in a world-class business and tech city. It is the best city around the world to host your website without any disturbance. You can develop your business and get more relevant traffic from the web. It is the best way to improve your online presence around the world level. It is very worthwhile to start dedicated server hosting and other facilities in this tech city. 

When Do You Need Dedicated Server Brazil For Online Business

Operating the online business by the dedicated server Brazil proved a very reliable way to provide online services with better consistency. But, this is not always worthy for all business persons to work with dedicated servers. Small business persons can opt for shared servers like VPS and Cloud Hosting for their online service. Brazil Based Dedicated servers actually meant to provide high bandwidth and a vast storage facility for handling massive amounts of data at more expensive rates than public shared servers. 

The Brazil Dedicated Server in Brazil is best for providing web hosting services with reliable consistency. For a business like eCommerce and websites hosting for handling high network traffics, dedicated servers are the best to choose over the shared servers like VPS or cloud hostings. Usually, the vast eCommerce websites handle the considerable network traffic that requires additional custom security features and distinctive software like SSL. The dedicated server in Brazil is designed for supporting such high-security features. 

How to Set Up Dedicated Server in Brazil

Get adopted with the dedicated servers for your online business with great consistency and reliability to handle the complete authority and control the bandwidth as per your priority. The dedicated server Brazil offers multiple benefits rather than just web hostings or eCommerce purposes. Check out now for the best-dedicated servers with required specifications online. 

After buying the Brazil dedicated server, the next step that is to be considered is configuring it. The configuration process is much easier and quicker than you thought. Carefully note these steps for the configuration of dedicated servers so that you can enjoy its vast benefits. 

1.Initiate by Signing into Server’s account

If you have the server’s account like serverwala, you just sign into that account to initiate the configuration process. If you are new to this environment, you can sign up for a new account. After the account is created, you will direct the dashboard to have a quick look at the specifications of your dedicated server in Brazil. Now you can customize its settings as per your priority.

2.Customize the CPU Cores You Require

The central processing unit, CPU, is required to work with dedicated servers, i.e., an integral part and the dedicated server system. It is necessary for performing calculations by the processors it has. A core is an extra feature that enhances the CPU performance. With each core, you have the facility to perform one action and can increase the number of cores as per your requirements. The number of cores available at maximum is one of the specifications that a Brazil dedicated server comes with. It depends upon the service providers to offer the cores with a specific price of dedicated servers. The requirement of the cores completely depends upon the capacity of data needed to access with better performances. It enhances computation power and efficiency to a higher extent. Hence select the cores as per your server’s requirement.

3. Consider the Storage Solution

After selecting the cores, the next step is selecting the best storage location according to the number of cores you chose. You will provide multiple options for a storage facility but can select one. Since the number of cores you selected will directly affect the storage selection. For a particular number of cores, you can have limited options for storage. There are two types of storage facilities that service providers can offer is that of Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives. Both have distinctive features to offer. HDDs are better to offer more storage comparatively while SSD is required for having quick access to data. SSD is a very efficient technology if one considers it for eCommerce purposes since it offers instant access. HDDs are a better option for having more storage, like in the backup servers, where more data is needed to be stored with reliability. 

4.Adding the RAM to the server

To have the website’s best functionality possible, one must emphasize the RAM, which determines your server’s performance. Without having sufficient memory strength, the server may crash. 

Hence to determine the amount of RAM, you need to emphasize points like;

Hence selection of the RAM size to meet server requirements is a complex process. Therefore take care while choosing the RAM. 

5.The Migration Facility 

There is an option to get migrated over the new cheap dedicated server Brazil by carrying all the necessary data of the existing one along with you. It is sometimes necessary in case the sites have outgrown above the facilities of current hosting plans. You can have all your existing data secured with you in case of migrating to a new dedicated server plan. If you are satisfied with the current plan, you can leave this option to consider and set it to Don’t Migrate to any user or domain. 

6.Selection of The Payment Plan

At last, after customizing with all of the necessary settings, you can now be left with the payment plan to select. Make the pricing choices as per the other things you configured before. Keep that factor in mind while selecting the payment option. There are monthly and annual payment facilities for you to choose from. Yearly plans are better in the long run to save more money than monthly payment plans. Click the Add Server option to finish the configuration process successfully. 

Serverwala – Best Plans and Packages of Dedicated Server Brazil


Dedicated servers are the most needed of every business person that is indulged in eCommerce website hosting. The cheap dedicated server in Brazil is the private server that gives you the best top-line speed and the complete sovereignty of its administration. You can customize different settings as per your requirements. 

To compete in today’s online business scenario, one must offer consistent and reliable services online. Thus, regular public servers are insufficient to consider due to a lack of security and other such features. Brazil dedicated server offers you multiple business facilities like web hosting, backup servers, etc., along with hosting your site online. Hence you can make additional profits. 

Follow the configuration methods described above to set up the dedicated server as per your requirements in a few minutes to enjoy its enormous benefits. 

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