Why Your Canon Printer is Not Printing

There could be a host of reasons behind which your canon printer is not printing. This is something which needs to be looked into with better detail. However, it is to be kept in mind that a proper cure for any of these concerns will not be brought out. So, you need to try to do something which is a trial and error method with the help of the steps which have been given below in this article. Make sure that you follow the options which have been laid out for you below.

Start out with these and then if they do not help you, only then move on to the customer care options. Owing to Canon being a larger company, which is also very popular among consumers, you will also get lots of options within the customer care of the printer too.

anon printer not printing
  • Start out by going through the basics of the printer. This could mean anything from checking the basic wiring on your canon printer to even going into the details of its functioning. Start out with perusing whether or not its cables are in order. This is something which could help you assemble it better if something is not in order. Also make sure that you have your printer cords connected, and also have your device with a good amount of internet access as required.

  • Another thing which you can do in this scenario where your canon printer not printing is check whether the external parts of the printer have been connected properly. You could check the printing tray on the device, and then also move on to checking if there is enough paper within the device too. The paper also needs to be the size and shape required otherwise the printing will get hampered in the process. Make sure that there is also adequate amounts of ink within the printer for it to work properly.
  • Ensure that you have all of your printer software kept in order as well. This would not only mean downloading and installing them from the websites or CDs. But it also includes things like making sure you have the updates on your device downloaded regularly as well. Make sure that you do this on a constant basis. It will also prevent problems like the canon printer not printing. You have to make sure that your printer is kept in a good condition, as this serves as a good measure to prevent further printer problems on your device.

  • You can also go to the printer settings which have been laid out and check if changing some of these settings may have cause the canon printer problem. This is also something which you need to alter back to the original printer settings. Ensure you have tried to push the settings back to the original, and then try to use the device. reboot once you have made any major changes onto it too. This would overall contribute to the device remaining in a good working condition as well.

  • Check if all of the external printer parts have been put together in a proper manner, if some parts are fit together in an improper manner then it will lead to canon printer problems too. You must also have constant checks between whether there is enough ink within the printer itself. Another thing which you can do is to make sure that you clear the printing queue of all of the printing jobs which were lined up earlier.
  • You also have to make sure that the correct printer is also connected to your device. this would mean to make sure that the printing commands are going to the correct printer. When you are also connecting the network to the device, ensure that the commands are being sent to the canon printer itself. This would also mean making sure you remove all the printing tasks which have been lined up. Ensure that you send in fresh printing commands as well.

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