How To Worship A Radha Krishna Statue?

Radha Krishna is considered the epitome of Love, passion, and compassion. It has been worshipped with much devotion by Indians and people outside India. Radha Krishna was known as the symbol of Love, and everyone looked upon them as their role model. To bring Love into your life, you should be able to trust, forgive, and provide gratitude to your partners. The blessings and teachings of Krishna are still prevalent even in the present times. Many people follow his benefits and advice mentioned in the Bhagwat Geeta and try to make their lives successful. Radha Krishna is worshiped in every home with much devotion and care. People perform poojas and pray to Radha and Krishna daily to get their blessings and achieve great things in life.

Radha Krishna marble moorti is placed at many homes and worshiped daily to spread positive vibes and good energies. Everyone wants to perform the pooja well and ensure everything runs smoothly. Vastu experts and priests mention different rules and care that must be taken while performing pooja. In this blog, we will understand some of the ways through which we can worship Radha Krishna marble moorti. They are as follows-

1) Placement And Direction-

Placement of Radha Krishna marble moorti and the direction is critical while offering your prayers. The Statue should always be kept in the northeast direction. The northeast direction is encouraging and suitable for the statue’s placement. While worshipping the idol, you will be facing in the east direction. The east direction is optimistic and serene. The reason is sunrise takes place from the east direction, and while worshipping our gods, we will face the east. The sun’s rays will directly fall on the face of the Radha and Krishna. This will create a very peaceful and happy environment right from the morning. East direction is also considered the direction of spreading positivity, goodness, and gratitude in your life with calmness.

2) Three Things That Should Be Near Radha Krishna Marble Moorti While Worshiping Are As Follows-

 a) Cow and Calf-

Lord Krishna was very fond of having butter and curd every day. These are the by-products of the milk that a cow gives every day. Hence, it is considered to keep a pair of Cow and calf near the Radha Krishna statue. This will bring a lot of positivity and happiness to your home. All the members of your family will remain happy and healthy also. Their health will be excellent, and your home will be full of happiness and gratitude.

b) Flute-

Lord Krishna played flute so perfectly that all the people in the village gathered to listen to him. People and animals gathered near lord Krishna to hear his flute, and Radha was also very fond of the sound. The sound and music of the Lord Krishna’s flute would create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the village. Placing a flute near the idol will also bring the same effect to your home. Your home will attract all the positive energies, and a healthy yet calm atmosphere will spread everywhere.

C) Peacock Feather-

It is also advised by the Vastu experts to always keep a peacock feather in your pooja ghar near the moorti. The benefits of maintaining peacock feathers will bring a lot of prosperity and wealth to your home. The peacock feather is considered the best accessory by Lord Krishna. The purple color in the feather is known for attracting wealth and money. This is also because the shape of the peacock feather is just like a coin.

3) Doing Pooja Every Day-

Another best way to worship Radha Krishna marble moorti is to do the pooja regularly. Doing pooja every day will make your mind a calm place. After performing all the rituals, you will remain happy, content, and satisfied. The family members of the home will also benefit from the pooja. You should offer your gratitude and prayers to Radha Krishna every day.

The above are some of the ways through which you can worship Radha Krishna idols. After all, everything is about your trust and compassion towards God. As we all know that Lord Radha Krishna is know for his pure bond, love, relationship and it is believed that Goddess Radha is the soul of Krishna. Krishna and Radha is only one soul. You can get their blessings and can feel through their idols worship.In this article we are guiding that how can you worship marble Radha Krishna statue at home, temple and your preferable place.You need to focus on this tips if you want to worship regularly.


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