Yoga: Origin, History & Development


Yoga is considered a spiritual discipline based on subtle science, and it focused largely on bringing harmony between mind and body. The art of healthy living guides people on how to live a peaceful yet efficient life. This made it possible with a yoga routine. Yoga poses have a kind of self-realization power within which you can overcome all kinds of suffering, leading to liberation and freedom. The role of yoga becomes significant, especially in the 21st century, where stress, anxiety becomes a common problem for all age group. This is the reason why we recommended yoga for beginners. Before suggesting yoga for beginners, it’s a must to learn about the origin, history, or development of the concept of yoga. This would be more effective to get the beginners to interest in the yoga power of healing.

Origin of Yoga

The introduction of yoga had done in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. The knowledge about yoga poses is gained within the seals or fossils at Indus Saraswati valley civilization where the picture of performing yoga sadhana of idols of mother goddess are suggested.

Yoga derives from the Sanskrit “Yuj,” which means to unite or join. In regards to the yogic scriptures, the yoga practice supports the union of individual consciousness with the external world consciousness, which indicates the perfect harmony between the human mind, body, and nature. “Yoga” is first mentioned in the ancient sacred texts, i.e., Rig Veda. It is developed by Rishis, who have documented the practices and beliefs of Upanishads which consist of 200 scriptures. Many years ago, over the bank of Lake Kantisarovar at the Himalayas, Adiyogi provided knowledge to saptarishis or seven sages. These sages are the ones that bring yogic science to different parts of the world, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, etc. Modern scholars in its research found India is the country that justifies the yoga system in fullest expression. Presently, yoga has emerged as strong influential healthy livings which transforms people day to day lives. Yogis or rishis have definitely originated or developed yoga, but now it is also practiced by people to keep their bodies calm or positive. Modern science values yoga not only as bring harmony between mind or body but also support people to bring flexibility and healing from body pains.

Clearing Misconceptions about the practice of yoga

Yoga, for many years, is considered a therapy for health and fitness, but yoga is far-reaching as it is about harmonizing individuals with the universe. Basically, it is a great way to connect with cosmopolitans to make the highest level of perception about things.

Yoga has always been considered a Hindus religion-adapted culture, but it’s not true as it does not connect to any particular religion or belief system. Instead of this, it has been approached as a technology to bring inner peace to humans. Yoga asanas can be done by any cultural people regardless of Muslim, Christian community.

How is knowledge about yoga development helpful for you?

Learning about yoga origin and development is useful for both beginners as well as advanced professional people as they started practicing yoga but not having any knowledge about the roots of yoga. Possessing efficient knowledge always guides people about what is useful for our body or how it needs to be practiced. Yoga made simple lives of people as the integration of body, soul, and mind allows people to create a clear perception about themselves or even the world. This allows them to deal with their insecurities in an effective manner. In the present day, yoga education is being imparted by using many yoga institutions like colleges, universities, and now with innovations available best yoga DVD of all time. This allows people to access the yoga poses 24/7, days a week. Since after hitting off the pandemic, people’s mental or physical healthy get disturbed due to which best yoga DVD 2021 has been launched so that people can take benefit of it and understood about the origin to poses of yoga. Best yoga DVD consists of deep knowledge about the yoga origin and the postures that benefit the people. Gaining knowledge about each pose benefits helps you practice it when you feel a problem in your body. Likewise, back-bending via a yoga wheelset helps you to reduce the problem of back pain. The recent study also revealed that the knowledge about yoga has also been considered worthy in terms of living a happy life or even retaining positive vibes in their surroundings such as family or society, etc. This would be the reason to have a great understanding of ancient yoga development to the modern role of yoga for the human body.

To gain the benefit of yoga, it’s a must for you to have a proper understanding of the ancient facts of yoga so that you are able to imbibe the aspects of yoga in the fullest way. When an individual is known with the complete fact of anything, then they automatically adapt the positive side of things. Similarly, after getting knowledge about the development of yoga, it can be easy for beginners to practice the asanas aptly without feeling bored. It can say that historical knowledge of yoga is important to be given, especially for beginners, so that they think about adopting a yoga routine.


Nowadays, millions of millions of people across the globe have been benefitting from the practice of yoga asanas preserved in ancient yoga scriptures. The spreading of knowledge about yoga’s historical background has positively affected many people’s lives as they understand its importance and imbibe it in themselves. The continued practice of yoga is blossoming and growing more rapidly day by day. This all happened because of increasing awareness about the yoga asana, and the role of online DVDs or schools/universities have a significant role in helping people to live a healthy lifestyle by keeping their minds and bodies align with each other. Hence, it is proved that yoga is a spiritual discipline that concentrates on bringing harmony to the body and allows people with conscious minds to interact with the external world. Every individual needs to gain knowledge about the yoga origin or development at once, as this helps you adapt the practices with ease.

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